How To Go Jet Ski Camping

How To Go Jet Ski Camping

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

You love your jet ski (we hear you - we do too), but you also love camping. Guess what? Did you know you can combine the two? Yep, jet ski camping is a thing, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Jet ski camping combines two excellent outdoor activities into one full-on adventure. Perfect for solo fun, for couples, or for a family trip, it gives you the freedom to enjoy the best our beautiful state has to offer.

So, let’s talk about everything you need to know about planning your ideal jet ski camping trip.


Location, location, location

Finding the perfect location for your jet ski campground can take time. Some useful online tools, like Google Earth, can help you research where you want to stay.

Visit a few National Park websites or the RAC website for campsite ideas. If you can, scout the place out before you go, and make sure it’s everything you need.

If you plan on camping on the beach, make sure wherever you camp is high enough above the tide line. No one wants to be flooded out of their tent!

You’ll also need to make sure there’s a safe place to keep your jet ski and that you have some element of shade to keep you cool.

Check to make sure you can light a fire if you plan to light one for cooking or for warmth – and never light one if there is a fire ban. Some national parks prohibit all fires, so get informed before you light a match, or you could face a hefty fine.


Supplies to take when jet ski camping

Keep in mind that the supplies you need to go Sea-Doo jet ski camping in Perth vary depending on lots of different factors like the weather, your destination, and what you can carry. If you are taking the car with a jet ski on a trailer, then the sky is the limit with what you can bring.

The only real drawback of jet ski camping is the limited storage space available on jet skis. Start by packing the essentials, then see how much room you have left for extra. All the gear you bring needs to be compact, lightweight, and easy to assemble. We have a range of jet ski accessories and bags available to help you with your packing.


Bring a tent

We highly recommend you bring a tent because while sleeping under the stars sounds romantic, it’s not all that practical. We have lots of creeping crawlies in Australia, and they love to feast on unwitting sleepers!

There are some fantastic lightweight tents available these days, at very reasonable prices.


Sleeping bag

A good quality sleeping bag will keep you toasty warm on your jet ski camping adventure. If you have room, consider bringing a sleeping pad to give a little extra comfort at night. And bring your pillow if you can – a good night’s sleep keeps everybody happy!


Bring wood

If you are camping at a place where you are allowed to light a fire, you’re going to need fuel. Finding suitable firewood can be more challenging than you think, so bring a bag of wood with you and avoid a headache.

Remember, some places have total fire bans, so do your homework. Some national parks also forbid collecting wood for fires as it’s part of the local ecosystem.


Be environmentally aware

Take everything you bring away with you. One of the most essential parts of any camping trip is leaving the campground as you found it. It shows respect to the environment and to other campers. Take every piece of rubbish away with you, including food scraps.


Having a fun time

Jet ski camping is a brilliant way to make camping and jet skiing fun for kids. Going away with your jet ski gives you the perfect opportunity for:

  • Jet Ski Fishing- chuck a couple of rods on a rod holder along and use your jet ski to find all the best fishing spots. The perfect way to catch a fresh dinner for the family
  • Jet Ski Tubing– experience hours of fun with an inflatable tube and keep the whole family entertained.


Safety is the priority

Never forget to bring your GPS and EPIRB. We don’t want you to get lost on your jet ski camping trip! We also recommend you bring a small first aid kit, including bug spray and band-aids. Being prepared is the best option when you are jet ski camping in Perth.


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