PWC Accessories For Your Safety

PWC Accessories For Your Safety

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

We’re crazy about jet skis – we can’t help it. We just love revving the engine and getting out into the ocean to rip it up. But, as more and more people are getting into PWCs, we thought it was time for us to remind you all about staying safe out on the water.


While Sea-Doos and other PWC are lots of fun, it’s important to take precautions to ensure you stay safe. Since the very beginning of our business, we knew we should collect a list of jet ski accessories we think everyone should own before heading out on the water. Here is that list.


These Sea-Doo accessories will make your time on the water even more fun, knowing that you and your family are safe. And of course, the best accessory is a Sea-Doo from Friday’s Jetskis.


Accessories for your safety

Life Jackets: essential to keep you safe while you are on open waters. A life jacket will save your life. Make sure you get the right size jacket is getting it wrong could make a bad situation even worse. Remember: adult life jackets are not suitable for children.


Whistle: if your life jacket doesn’t come with a whistle, we recommend you attach one, so you always have a sound-producing device nearby. Don't forget to make sure it works when it gets wet. Remember: only use it in a real emergency. 


Jetski Wetsuit: we recommend you invest in a good wetsuit to extend your jetski riding season. Not only will it protect you from the hot summer sun, but it will keep you warm in cooler weather. 


Gloves: to avoid getting blisters and sores around your thumbs, we recommend you wear gloves. There is nothing worse than spending the day on the water only to come home with massive sores on your hands. You could also consider wearing water shoes to protect your feet when you’re ripping it up out there on your Sea-Doo. 


Safety Equipment Kit: a basic maritime emergency kit is essential if you are serious about water safety. 


Dry Bag: a good-quality dry bag will keep your valuables safer from seawater. Most dry bags are manufactured from buoyant material that allows them to float when dropped in the water.


Waterproof Phone Case: many of us would be lost without our phones. We recommend investing in a universal case that will fit most phones and last for a long time. A waterproof phone case is more like a small dry bag than a case, but it is weatherproof and can hold almost any smartphone. Waterproof phone cases also work well for holding wallets and other important items needing to be kept dry. 


Accessories for the safety of your See Doo or other PWC

Dock Line: safely secure your vessel to a dock or jetty with a jet ski dock line. Choose a well-constructed line that will ensure your vessel stays where you leave it.


Anchor: if you want to go fishing or snorkeling while out on your Sea-Doo, we recommend you carry an anchor on board. A sand, fluke, mushroom, or screw anchor are some common jet ski anchor options. A good anchor is an essential jet ski safety accessory.


PWC Fenders: these spongy fenders help you avoid damaging your hull when you dock. Ensure your fenders are correctly sized to your jetski. 


Shock Tube: protect yourself from ski rope kick back with a shock tube and keep your ski ropes away from the PWC impellers. 


Cable Lock: one of the best ways to lock down your jet ski on a dock, a cable lock ensures your PWC stays safe while you are away from it.


Distress Flaresone of these bad boys could save your life if you get into trouble out on the water.  


Jetski ladder: not many jetskis come with a ladder, but they are such a useful accessory. They can help passengers get back onto the vessel if they fall off without needing your help.


Choose Friday’s Jetskis for your Sea-Doo safety accessories in Perth

Friday’s Jetskis is one of Australia’s most trusted Sea-Doo jet ski dealerships. We’re here to help you realise your outdoor action and adventure dreams – and we want you to do it safely! 


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