The Complete Side by Side (SXS) UTV Buyer's Guide

The Complete Side by Side (SXS) UTV Buyer's Guide

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

Are you finally ready to take the plunge and jump into buying an ATV? Brilliant – you're not going to regret it – but before you do, let's have a closer look at ATVs, UTV's and Side by Sides (SxS).


What's the difference?

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or quad bike is an off-road vehicle with straddle seating and handlebar steering – pretty much like a larger, four-wheel version of a motorbike. While you can carry a passenger behind you (like you would on a motorbike), most ATVs work best for a single rider.

Side by Side (SxS) or Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) can carry more people and, as the name suggests, are utility vehicles designed to work.


While you can still have loads of fun in UTVs, there are limitations on their ability to rip up a trail due to their size and suspension setups. UTVs are more like small trucks, controlled by a steering wheel, accelerator, and brake pedals – like a car. SxS UTVs have a bigger payload capacity than ATVs, which means they are great for towing larger loads. Typically, they also have seatbelts and roll bars.


While their rough-and-tumble capabilities make them popular as recreational off-road vehicles, UTVs are becoming known as reliable work vehicles for those living in rural areas or on farms, where hauling and towing are daily jobs.


Put it like this; given the range of CAN-AM UTV models on the market, there's side by side UTV for sale in Australia waiting for you right now.


Why Should I Buy UTV?

UTV's are the perfect mix of a traditional ATV (like the awesome Outlander or Youth CAN-AM) and a full-sized vehicle. UTVs have all the agility and skill of an ATV, with extra passenger-carrying ability, more power, and greater durability than a conventional truck. Side by side UTVs handle long, tough workdays, and their lower centre of gravity means these vehicles have unrivalled manoeuvrability in full-on off-road settings.


What Type of SxS UTV Is Best For Me?

UTVs fall into three main categories, sportutility, and recreational. Start by thinking seriously about how you're going to use the vehicle. Your decision is likely to come down to where you want to ride it, the activities you want to perform in it, and whatever job-site requirements you have. If you're an inexperienced rider looking for something with familiar controls (accelerator, brake, steering wheel), an SxS UTV is a fantastic choice. UTVs are less physically demanding to ride than an ATV, and they allow you to carry passengers, have rolls bars, and a low centre of gravity.

Let's look at the three types of SxS UTVs in a bit more detail.


Sport Side-By-Side UTVs

The sport category is the fastest-growing category in the SxS market because these machines feature powerful engines for maximum horsepower, innovative suspension setups, and excellent traction systems. These guys offer fantastic bang for buck and are perfect for serious off-road adventures. If you want pure exhilarating fun, consider the Commander XT, one of the best sport side by sides, offering incredible versatility and grunt.


Utility Side-By-Sides UTVs

The CAN-AM Defender utility series featuring excellent towing capacity, large cargo boxes for maximum storage space, and winches is almost the OG of this category. These UTVS work, and they just won't quit. Perfect for running around on large work-sites, farms, cattle stations, and wherever else, you need a tough, robust, and strong vehicle that gets the job done.


Recreational Side-By-Sides

Mainly used for ripping it up on trails with the family, recreational UTVs like the CAN-AM Maverick series are smaller, lighter UTV iterations. Featuring excellent ground clearance – which is vital in trail-riding - recreational SxSs make handling deep mud or rocky, uneven terrain a cinch to navigate, and, boy, will you have fun out there!


How Much Are Side-By-Sides UTVs?

Starting at around $22,000, SxS UTVs vary in price due to their unique specifications, size, capabilities, and features. The factors that most affect price are engine size, suspension, components, and accessories.


We recommend you book a demo and talk to one of our experienced team members who can take you through each models' particulars.


Five reasons to buy a new or used UTV in Perth

  1. Carry multiple passengers
  2. Provides safety
  3. Comfortable
  4. Affordable
  5. The most fun you can have on four wheels!

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