Let’s face it. Personal Watercrafts are expensive. ATVs are expensive. We take that seriously. We know that it is no joke to fork out for a big purchase, even if it is something that gives you a lot of pleasure. We want you to get the most out of that purchase. So we offer specialist servicing to the highest standards for your watercrafts and ATVs so you can be sure they are always running smoothly, and you can extend and prolong the life of your vehicle for as long as possible, so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Protect Your Warranty

Friday’s is a licensed and dealer of BRP products and parts, so choosing to service with us means your warranty will never be voided by our work. We want you to feel confident and safe with your vehicle, whether on land or water, so we will always use the original manufacturer’s specified parts, so you can ride with peace of mind. We will complete service as the manual from BRP instructs and on the schedule provided, so your vehicle is always in the best condition possible.

Trained Specialists

Our service staff have been working on BRP products for years, day in, day out. We have excellent knowledge and expertise with these vehicles, and we love them all. We know how much you value your vehicle, because we value ours the same way. Since we know the vehicles in and out, so we can jump on it or in and tell you the problem in moments, and just how to fix it. We will offer you great service with quick turnaround times, so you can get back to having fun without fuss. If you did not purchase your jet ski, quad bike or ATV from us, you can still feel free to bring your vehicle to us for service. We are happy to service your vehicle and give you peace of mind with our professional and quality service.


If you want to add features or customise your vehicle, our trained specialists are the best in the business. We know the Sea-Do and Can-Am line up inside out, so we know exactly how to make your vehicle your own and give you the best experience with the huge range of accessories and products available from BRP.

Winterising – Getting your vehicle ready for Winter

If you have a jet ski, ATV or quad bike, and you are planning to store it over winter, it is important to ensure it is winterised. Our specialist service team can discuss appropriate winterising for your vehicle, so you can feel confident it is not being damage by long periods of storage, and you can safely bring it out in summer without concern.

Get in Touch

If you’re not sure what your jet ski, quad bike or ATV needs in terms of servicing, maintenance, modification or winterising, please feel free to get in touch with us by phone, email, Facebook or in person. We are always happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help you get the most out of your vehicle for as long as possible. We love our jet skis and ATVs, and we want you to too. So give us a call or drop in today! We love getting people out on the water and into the wild, so we will always be happy to see how we can help.