How to Wakeboard Behind a Jet Ski

How to Wakeboard Behind a Jet Ski

by Michael Seitz on October 23, 2023 Categories: News

To ensure you're compliant, it's important to check with your local waterway authorities. In Australia, regulations stipulate the need for a designated spotter at the rear of the jet ski and mandatory life jackets for everyone, including the wakeboarder.

The good news is that not only is this generally permitted, but jet skis are specifically designed for towing. Most modern personal watercraft come equipped with a tow hook positioned behind the seat.

Using jet skis for tow sports has become a widespread practice. These vessels are increasingly powerful and exhibit enhanced stability in the water. To put things into perspective, a 155hp Sea-Doo, which falls within the mid-power range, can pull off similar feats as a standard 20ft boat, despite the jet ski being only 12 ft.

PWC watersports encompass a range of activities, including wakeboarding, wakeskating, tow tubes, water skiing, tow surfing, and more.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD): In most cases, all riders are required to wear a PFD, or personal flotation device. Fortunately, there are numerous comfortable life jacket options available, making compliance with this safety measure more agreeable. While it may not be the most fashionable accessory, it's a legal requirement, and it's always safer to wear one.

Mirrors/Spotter: Regulations regarding mirrors or a spotter may vary, but often, the PWC responsible for towing is mandated to have either mirrors, a spotter, or both. This ensures that the operator maintains continuous awareness of activities behind the jet ski. While mirrors are beneficial, having a spotter is even more advantageous.

Age: Age restrictions for operating or being towed behind a jet ski can differ from one location to another. While jet skis have become more user-friendly, not just anyone is permitted to operate them. It's essential to familiarize yourself with local laws before venturing out on the water.


What is the best jet ski for towing?

The Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 has been purpose-built for tow sports, catering to the specific needs of those who enjoy being pulled by a jet ski. In fact, there are two variations of this model, both offering similar features. However, the larger version boasts a more potent supercharged engine, aimed at satisfying the desires of dedicated enthusiasts.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with additional features designed for tow sports, such as a ski pole, wakeboard rack, boarding step, and a tow sport feature that enhances throttle control stability. It's important to note that these added features do come at an extra cost. Ultimately, the decision of whether the advantages outweigh the drawbacks is a matter of personal preference.

A noteworthy tip: It's imperative to prevent the rope from being drawn into the intake pump beneath the jet ski. Doing so may result in the impeller getting jammed, rendering the jet ski immobile. While it may cause some minor damage, more often than not, you'll be able to continue once the rope is cut free, although this typically necessitates removing the ski from the water. This is a relatively common occurrence observed in workshops. Hence, it's crucial to avoid driving over the rope and to maintain constant vigilance, as even when the ski is in neutral, the impeller remains operational and can draw in the rope. Essentially, the intake pump under your ski acts like a powerful vacuum cleaner.

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