How to enjoy your jet ski experience safely

How to enjoy your jet ski experience safely

by Fran Boyce on May 18, 2023 Categories: News

Riding a Sea-Doo is an exhilarating experience that many people enjoy, especially those living near bodies of water or on beach vacations. However, it's crucial to understand jet ski safety to avoid danger while riding..

Every year, jet skis are involved in numerous water sports accidents. Factors contributing to these incidents include operator inattention or inexperience, lack of training, high speeds, and the absence of a protective shell found in boats. Jet skiers often pass closer to other boats than boaters do to jump wake.


To ensure you have the most enjoyable experience on your Sea-Doo, it's important to understand jet ski safety. Here are 5 risks associated with riding a jet ski and how to mitigate them:


  1. Jet ski flips

Jet skis are now larger and more stable, making them less prone to capsising. However, it is still quite common for riders to experience flips while riding. In fact, jet skis often come equipped with a sticker on the back, providing instructions on what to do in such situations. To ensure a safe and enjoyable ride without flipping your jet ski, consider the following guidelines:

  • Smooth and gradual turns
  • Understand your capabilities
  • Be mindful of waves


  1. Falling off the jet ski

Falling off a ski can occur due to various factors such as speed and terrain. While you may not always have control over the circumstances surrounding an accident, there are measures you can take to reduce the impact and potential harm from a fall. Consider the following guidelines to mitigate injuries:

  • Maintain a moderate speed
  • Avoid shallow waters and rocky terrain
  • Adopt proper falling techniques
  • Wear appropriate protective gear


  1. Damage to the jet ski

Damaging a jet ski often stems from inexperience and reckless behavior. It is crucial to have a good understanding of the riding terrain and remain attentive to your jet ski's cues. By following these guidelines, you can prevent unnecessary damage and ensure a safe and enjoyable ride on your Sea-Doo.


  1. Floating dock too quickly

After an enjoyable day on the water, it's crucial to handle the process of loading your jet ski onto a trailer or docking it with care. Without sufficient experience, these tasks can be challenging and potentially lead to damage.


  1. Maintaining distance and right-of-way with other crafts

When enjoying your time on the water, it's crucial to be aware of other vessels around you to prevent potential collisions. Similar to the rules of the road, there are established guidelines that all watercraft must adhere to in order to avoid accidents. By familiarising yourself with these rules, you can ensure jet ski safety and a harmonious experience on the water