Dirt Bike Tracks In Perth

Dirt Bike Tracks In Perth

by Michael Seitz on November 30, 2023 Categories: News

Are you searching for the optimal dirt bike/Can-Am ATV trails in the Perth, Western Australia region?

Finding new tracks can be a time-consuming task, which is why we've compiled this list for you. Who wouldn’t prefer to spend their time riding rather than searching for tracks. This list encompasses locations in Perth and the surrounding areas, offering options for family-friendly camping trips over the weekend, as well as tracks specifically designed for serious riding enthusiasts.

West Australian Junior Motocross Club – Eric Walter Park
Location: 3428 Williams-Kondinin Road, Narrogin Valley, WA 6312, Australia

Eric Walter Park serves as the headquarters for the West Australia Junior Motocross Club. The tracks, featuring hard-packed surfaces, are ideal for juniors and beginners aiming to enhance their Can-Am ATV and bike control abilities.

Please note that the track may be closed at times for event preparations. Stay informed by checking for updates on their website.


A.J.S Motorcycle Club
Location: 440 Wattle Ave, East Neerabup, Perth, WA 6031

The club is associated with Motorcycling WA, and securing a license from them is a prerequisite. Additionally, you must become a full member of the club before gaining access to their track.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates as they host events throughout the year!


WA Ride Park
Location: Brazier WA 6251

If you're seeking a destination for a weekend of camping and riding your ATV, this could be the ideal choice. The atmosphere is generally laid-back, but you have the option to turn it into a challenging day.

Featuring an 80km enduro trail, there are various options available. Whether you prefer the easier trail, want to explore technical sections, go for an extreme experience, or take a shorter route back to base—it's all there for you.

The Pee Wee Track and Kids Loop are situated within the camping grounds, providing a secure space for adults to supervise their young riders. Additionally, there's a more technical mini trail designed for the kids.

This haven is located south of Kirup, approximately an hour's drive from Bunbury.


West Moto Park
Location: 453 Begley Road, Wyalkatchem WA 6485

Situated two hours northeast of Perth, West Moto Park offers an exhilarating and family-friendly weekend getaway. They provide packages suitable for day trips, overnight stays, or family outings.

For those in need of motorcycle rentals and safety gear, they have that covered too! This option is perfect for individuals who haven't ridden in years and no longer own a bike, beginners avoiding the high initial costs of ownership, or those bringing friends or family without their own bikes or Can-Ams.

Whether you or your companions are novice riders or have limited experience, this venue caters to all. They offer a dedicated track for beginners and, for those seeking more excitement, two additional tracks for intermediate and advanced riders. Moreover, there's a 10km Enduro Trail. The camping grounds come equipped with accessible toilets, hot showers, and clean, drinkable water. It truly serves as an ideal location for a weekend trip with the family.


Pinjar Motorcycle Area
Location: Orchid Rd (Off Weso Rd), Nowergup WA 6032

Pinjar Motorcycle Area stands out as a fantastic and enjoyable location for off-road riding with the family. It provides expansive areas where you can ride alongside the kids. The great part is that there's no requirement for a registered bike or a driver's license. However, you must possess an Off-Road Vehicle Registration, and the best part is that it comes at no cost! It's an open space for anyone to enjoy a ride.

There are trails tailored to every skill level:

  • PeeWee Trail: designed for the kids
  • Family Trail: suitable for novice to intermediate riders
  • North Loop and South Loop: crafted for high intermediate to expert riders
  • Short & Curly: serves as a practice MX circuit for low intermediate to advanced rider


BSA & Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club - Noble Falls Race Circuit
Location: 3049 Toodyay Road, Gidgegannupm, WA 6083

This club manages the Noble Falls Race Circuit, a 1.7km motocross track. Individuals desiring to ride on the track must first become full financial members. However, they do offer one-day memberships for those who are members of other clubs. For individuals already paying membership fees elsewhere, the option of a one-day membership is an appealing offer. Variety in tracks is always appreciated.

Given that most riders are at least 16 years old, it's not an ideal destination for a family weekend trip. This facility is better suited for dedicated riders seeking a challenging motocross track experience.


Vintage Motocross Club of WA
Location: 3428 Williams-Kondinin Road, Narrogin Valley, WA 6312

Dandaloo Park is the home track for the Vintage Motocross Club of WA, offering a distinct atmosphere compared to contemporary tracks. The club focuses on vintage motocross, aiming to recreate the essence of the "golden years of motocross" from the 60s and 70s. Unlike modern tracks, their courses lack contemporary obstacles, instead providing an enjoyable experience with natural terrains and a nostalgic 70s vibe.


Mundaring Power Lines Track
Location: Sawyers Valley WA 6074

The Power Lines Track is commonly frequented by 4x4 vehicles, essentially serving as their haven. However, registered dirt bikes are also permitted. It's not an ideal spot for a leisurely experience, so brace yourself for an adventurous ride amidst the substantial presence of 4WDs!


Cervantes to Lancelin Track

Similar to the Mundaring Power Lines Track, this location is a preferred destination for 4WD enthusiasts. Rally your friends and navigate the dunes with all the horsepower you can muster. Ensure you possess either Off-Road Vehicle Registration or Road Registration. Keep in mind that this isn't a regulated environment, and the shifting of sand dunes due to strong winds can occur. Consequently, wearing a helmet is mandatory, and wearing complete riding gear is strongly recommended.