Choosing the right Sea-Doo for you

Choosing the right Sea-Doo for you

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

As you probably know, we are crazy about watersports and Sea-Doo personal watercraft. As summer gets closer, are you thinking about getting a jetski to take your adventuring to the next level? We want to help you find the right Sea-Doo – so read on to learn a bit more about the different Sea-Doo models.


What is a PWC?

A personal watercraft (PWC) is the perfect machine for watersports lovers looking for speed and adrenaline. The two most common types of PWCs are Sea-Doos and WaveRunners. They both look similar, but they do have differences. We can't hide it - we're massive fans of the Sea-Doo; we just can't get enough of them.


Both Sea-Doos and WaveRunners have similar features, but for us, we can't go past everything Sea-Doo has to offer, which is why we are one of the premier stockists of Sea-Doos in Perth. The Sea-Doo brand offers a great range of watercraft in every category. Their products are well priced and are very popular.


The difference between Sea-Doo and WaveRunner

These two brands offer different facilities and accessories in their PWC. While you may think choosing between the two could be difficult, we'll make it easy for you.


Types of Sea-Doo PWC

There are four types of Sea-Doo sport and leisure watercraft available from Fridays Jetskis:

  • Luxury
  • Musclecraft & Sport
  • Recreational
  • Spark (recreational light)


Let's have a look at each one in a little more detail:


Luxury: this is the category for you if you want comfort and power. Best suited to experienced drivers who have driven on less powerful models and are now ready to up a level. The performance Sea-Doo's are excellent for those wanting to race their PWC. One look at the luxury options, and you know they are built to be more than just a ride and created to be the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and just the right amount of swagger.


Musclecraft & Sport: we stock nine options in this product range, and boy, it can be hard to choose between them all. Offering more speed and great towing power, the tubes, water skis, and wakeboards can be all be attached and pulled by these PWCs. Anyone fond of watersports ah towing should talk to us about one of these bad boys. The FishPro Sport delivers a new take on fishing, allowing you to get closer to the action than you've ever been before. It's a personal watercraft designed with fishing at its soul. The WakePro lets you board, ski, skate, or foil, delivering a watersports experience like no other. The standard retractable LinQ ski pylon, ski mode, and wakeboard rack, plus onboard music set the tone for every ride – I mean, it's just a thing of beauty.


Recreational: This category is a top-rated PWC class. The GTI sets the gold standard for family fun on the water. With excellent stability, versatility, and inspiring style, it's ready to match your taste in adventure wherever the ride takes you. The agility of this Sea-Doo is excellent as it is slightly more stable and is less likely to turn or tip over than the recreational light division PWCs.

This category is outstanding for families who are looking for comfort and fun. The GTI 170 SE takes it up a notch where family fun gets bigger and better with more ease and convenience. Standard features include a boarding ladder, touring seat, variable trim, and an optional 100 watts of Bluetooth premium audio. Brilliant value for money.


Spark (recreational light): the Spark range is a great entry-level PWC for beginners wanting to get familiar with handling a machine on the open water. The Sea-Doo Spark 2UP features lightweight, Polytec material, making it convenient to tow with a small car and easy to use! There's enough room for the whole family to have a blast or for some serious one-on-one fun with you and the ski! The Sea-Doo Spark Trixx lets you whip, dip, spin, and wheelie with ease, thanks to its unique handling features that will put an extra buzz in any sandbar party. This is easily the most head-turning ride on the water. The Spark is a perfect choice for riders who are just starting, as they offer economical fuel control, a great price, and still, give enough power for a fun ride.


Sea-Doo for the win

Sea-Doo jetski is not only fun to ride, but it's a quality sport and leisure machine that we're pretty sure you're going to have lots of fun using. Getting out onto the water in Perth on a Sea-Doo is just about the most fun you can have on a PWC.


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