Explore Perth - Legal Quad Bike Riding Areas

Explore Perth - Legal Quad Bike Riding Areas

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

Did you know that WA is the only state in Australia that allows unlicensed riders and unregistered quad bikes to ride on designated trail riding areas outside private property? Yep, so if you have a quad bike, dune buggy, get excited! However, keep in mind this is only true on a few specially designed, legal off-road vehicle areas.

If you are keen to chase some adrenalin, we can help, and with some of the best terrain and landscapes just waiting to be discovered, let's dive into where you can ride your quad bike in Perth.


What is recreational trail bike or quad bike riding?

Recreational trail bike riding typically refers to riding motorbikes and quad bikes or dune buggies off-road for enjoyment. From having a go on a mate's unregistered motorbike to racing competition-specific motorbikes and quad bikes, it's a whole lot of dirt, thrills, and possible spills! In other words, 100% awesome fun. Suitable for all ages, quad bike riding is an exciting way to spend the weekend in beautiful Perth.

Recreational trail bike riding is not the same as motocross, which is competitive racing on a closed, private circuit. Motocross is a separate sport, although many people ride motocross-specific bikes recreationally as well as competitively.


Where can you ride?

It's important to remember that you can't just unload your bike from a trailer and go riding anywhere. Laws protect our natural environment, meaning that trail/quad bikes can't be ridden within National Parks, on designated walking or mountain bike trails, or anywhere near water catchment areas.

These laws protect our unique environment and allow each of us to enjoy Perth and its surroundings safely and peacefully.

All quad bike, trail bike, and dune buggy riders in WA are expected to respect these laws. Like many things, if the rules are ignored, any privileges off-road riding fans currently experience may be revoked. This has happened in other places in Australia, so we encourage all of you to do the right thing - but have fun while you're doing it!

Perth has several designated trail/quad bike riding areas in state forests and on public land, along with some privately owned land. You can only ride on unsealed public roads if you are a licensed rider with a road registered motorcycle.

There are only a few legal off-road vehicle areas in Perth metropolitan areas. They are:

Permitted off-road vehicle areas in WA*


Perth Metropolitan area

  • Pinjar Off-road Vehicle Area (managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions (DBCA))**
  • Gnangara Off-road Vehicle Area (managed by DBCA)**
  • Medina Off-road Vehicle Area**



  • York Off-road Vehicle Area**


Lancelin, Ledge Point & Cervantes

  • Lancelin Off-road Vehicle Area**
  • Ledge Point Off-road Vehicle Area**
  • Ledge Point Reserve 27215 Off-road Vehicle Area
  • Cervantes Item 2 Off-road Vehicle Area



  • Explosives — Point Moore
  • Pages Beach
  • Separation Point
  • Francis St Carpark
  • Drummond Cove — Glenfield
  • Cape Burney Off-road Vehicle Area



  • Carnarvon Item 1 Off-road Vehicle Area
  • Carnarvon Item 2 Off-road Vehicle Area



  • Karratha West Off-road Vehicle Area
  • Karratha East Off-road Vehicle Area
  • Karratha Item 2 Off-road Vehicle Area


Port Hedland

  • Deepwater Reserve Off-road Vehicle Area
  • Spoilbank Off-road Vehicle Area


*Information is taken from dlgsc.wa.gov.au

**Gazetted as permitted ORV areas per the ORV Act.


Private off-road vehicle venues

Looking for something a little more structured? Apart from ORV areas managed by the State Government and local government, several commercial ride parks operate on private land that can cater to unregistered bikes and unlicensed riders. These parks are actively

supervised and managed to create a superior riding experience suitable for beginners to those with intermediate and advanced riding skills.

So, if you're looking for some more challenging trails with technical elements (hello, jumps!), camping facilities for the weekend, and offering bike and gear hire, check these places out.

As these commercial parks operate on private land, you don't need a license or a registered quad bike to ride there. However, you will have to book and pay to use these them.


Quad bikes

Quad bikes are great for beginners. You can get a feel for riding off-road at low speeds without balancing issues associated with two-wheeled cycles. There is a range of quad bikes on the market, but we think you can't go past the Can-Am 400 Outlander for an all-round great experience.

The Can-Am range caters to all riders who enjoy outdoor riding fun. Fridays have UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicles) such as the Can-Am Outlander 800 and Can-Am Outlander 1000 for sale at our fully stocked shop in Perth.

Both of these are brilliant for bouncing over rocks and racing across sand dunes - so get into one this weekend!


Ride safe and plan your trip

Here at Friday's, we're all about safety, so remember:

  • Plan your trip - if you're going solo, tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back
  • Ride to your skill level
  • Don't push your boundaries (too much!)
  • Stay safe
  • Take out what you take in
  • Camp responsibly
  • Follow the guidelines to keep trails in good condition so everyone can keep using them.
  • Be respectful to fellow riders and go out and make new friends and explore new areas.

Most importantly, make sure you wear the right protective gear. Helmets are compulsory, and we strongly recommend you wear additional protective clothing including enclosed, armoured boots, padded body armour, and gloves.

Once you get started in a Can-AM buggy, you won't want to stop! If you're ready to take the plunge and explore your trail buggy options, get in touch with us today.

We'd love to help you get out and explore our beautiful state, and we're ready to answer any questions you might have about our new and used quad bikes for sale in Perth.