Top Western Australian Beach Fishing Spots in 2024

Top Western Australian Beach Fishing Spots in 2024

by Fran Boyce on May 21, 2024 Categories: News

Western Australia, with its vast 20,000 kilometers of coastline, is truly an angler’s haven. There’s something magical about beach fishing, and we’re fortunate to live in such a stunning location. At Friday’s Jetskis, we are enthusiastic about all water sports, particularly beach and jet ski fishing.

As beach fishing continues to be a favourite Aussie pastime, we’ve compiled a list of our top three beach fishing spots in WA for 2024. Discover where you can enjoy the sand beneath your feet and reel in a great catch! Dunsborough About three hours south of Perth, Dunsborough is a popular spot for a coastal getaway.

Positioned between Busselton and Margaret River, Dunsborough offers a wealth of fishing and water sports opportunities along the picturesque Geographe Bay. Autumn is an excellent season to hitch up your jet ski trailer and head down for a fishing weekend, with plenty of salmon running.

Other fantastic fishing locations nearby include Meelup Beach, Bunker Bay, and Eagle Bay Beach. Jurien Bay A little over two hours north of Perth, Jurien Bay is perfect for adventure and fishing. This area is ideal for beach and deep-sea fishing, as well as activities like skydiving, surfing, water skiing, jet ski fishing, snorkeling, and sandboarding. Plan to stay a few days to experience everything Jurien Bay has to offer.

Fish and crab directly from the beach or take in the jetty views. Be sure to check local regulations, as the Marine Park has specific rules for certain zones. Shark Bay If you haven’t visited Shark Bay, now is the time. About 8.5 hours north of Perth, this World Heritage-listed site is renowned for its stunning natural beauty.

Whether you’re beach fishing or heading out on your Sea-Doo jet ski, it’s important to know the fishing regulations. Familiarize yourself with sanctuary zones and local rules to avoid fines and ensure a fantastic day of fishing.

Remember, preserving our beautiful beaches is crucial. Always leave no trace to keep WA’s coastline pristine. Why Choose Friday’s Jetskis? Friday’s Jetskis is one of Perth’s most trusted dealers for new and used jet skis and water sports equipment. We’re here to help you fulfill your jet skiing and beach fishing dreams. Contact us today to find out about our excellent financing options!