ATV – Tips For Home Maintenance

ATV – Tips For Home Maintenance

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

Purchasing your Can-Am ATV is just the start of your outdoor adventure. A significant investment, to get the best out of your machine, it's essential to keep it in top-notch running condition. That's why we thought we'd put together this list of home maintenance tips because we want you to rip in this summer and enjoy all the epic fun you can have on your Can-Am buggy.


Putting in regular time and effort can save you headaches down the road. Here are our top ways to take care of your ATV.


Follow the "break-in" procedure

For the first ten hours or so of use on your Can-Am buggy, try not to go over half-throttle for long periods. Vary the throttle speed and don't operate the vehicle in just one throttle position. Over the next ten to twenty hours of use, avoid going over the three-quarter throttle position for long periods. Look, it's ok to rev the engine through the gears (and let's face it, it's hard not to!), but we don't recommend hitting full throttle during this period. Once the twenty-hour riding period has passed, perform a complete oil change so your Can-Am ATV is ready for the whole riding experience.


Do a Condensation check

To avoid condensation, build up, make sure you start the engine and allow the oil temperature to rise. Turning the machine on and off frequently without allowing it to warm up could result in condensation on the dipstick. Water mixing with the oil is not good, so change the oil and make sure to start the engine and ride it long enough for the oil to heat up significantly.


Change/check the oil

The quality of oil you use plays a vital role in your engine's life span and performance. The smaller engines on quad vehicles are more sensitive than car engines, so use the manufacturer recommended oil weight and type. We suggest you always follow the manufacturers' recommended engine maintenance schedule to keep it running long and strong.


Wash your Can-Am regularly

Mud and dirt trap moisture which can cause oxidation (rust), especially if you have had a little bingle or dinged it into some rocks (we've all been there!). Dirt and mud can also affect the vehicles' performance by penetrating the air filter, not allowing proper air circulation, and increasing fuel consumption. Wash your ATV down after every use and keep it gleaming and ready to go.


Clean the air filter

A dirty, water-logged air filter prevents your engine from functioning correctly. When the air filter is blocked, the engine becomes oxygen-deprived and affects the performance of the motor. If this oxygen deprivation is severe enough, it may even cause the engine to shut down. Check your air filter's condition after each use and, if you haven't been on the ATV for a while, make sure you give it a once over before going out for a ride.


Check the belt

Check the Can-Am buggy owners' manual for how often you should check the belt on your ATV. CV belts for transmissions can stretch and fatigue with normal wear and tear. The good news is that you'll notice a decline in the performance, and the gears will shift erratically, letting you know there is something up.


Maintain the tyre pressure

Inspect your vehicles' tyre pressure before each use to avoid accidents. Make sure the pressure is at the limits recommended by the manufacturer – often found printed on the wheel walls or in your owner's manual.


Coolant levels

Ensure you have enough coolant in the engine and that the hoses leading to the radiator are in place. Ensure the coolant is free of dirt and debris and that it isn't changing colour as it could mean that it is mixing with other liquids.


Brake fluid

As brake fluid is critical to your safety, inspect your owner's manual to see how frequently you should flush the brake fluid on your Can-Am model.


Brake pads

Faulty brake pads can cause serious accidents. Signs your brake pads are worn can range from grinding noises when applying the brakes to a dragging feeling to complete brake failure. If you're unsure whether you need new brake pads, we recommend you err on the side of caution and take your Can-Am to a registered mechanic. Don't take any risks when it comes to brakes.


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