Launch Your Sea-Doo PWC Like A Pro

Launch Your Sea-Doo PWC Like A Pro

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

So, you’ve been in to see us and finally bought a Sea-Doo personal watercraft (PWC) – congrats!


But how do you get it into the water? New Sea-Doo owners can have a lot to learn, and the first time on the launch ramp can be awkward!


Even though launching your PWC might look easy, it can be a tricky job.


Friday’s Sea-Doo & Can-Am have created this guide to help you launch your watercraft smoothly. Just follow the steps, and you’ll look like a Pro in no time.


Get your Jet Ski trailer ready

Make sure the tyres are pumped up, and all brake and power hook-ups are functioning. Get familiar with the tie-downs required to securely fasten your Sea-Doo to your trailer. There is a slight chance your license plate could get damaged when you’re backing into the water, so consider replacing the bolts holding the license plate with heavy-duty zip ties so it can move when it’s hit instead of breaking.


Practice makes perfect

Worried you might embarrass yourself trying to launch your Sea-Doo? Practice makes perfect! Practice driving with your trailer, so you are confident reversing, turning, parking and braking. Consider putting cones out the size of the boat ramp and try to practice aligning your trailer correctly.


Be prepared

Once you arrive at the boat ramp:

  • put on your lifejacket
  • attach the engine kill switch to your wrist
  • insert the PWC’s drain plug
  • loosen the straps and safety chains on your Sea-Doo
  • test the throttle once to make sure it’s functioning well


Reverse down the boat ramp and unload your PWC

Stop at the water’s edge with the trailer partially submerged to allow the PWC to float off the top, drive forward a little and put your car in park. If you’re by yourself, tie your Sea-Doo to a post or dock securely so you can slowly drive forward, pulling your trailer out of the water. Find a safe place to park your car. If you have a mate with you, get them to move your vehicle and jet ski trailer to the carpark while you stay with the PWC.


Leave the dock

Get on your jet ski once you are in at least three feet of water. Any shallower and you can damage your Sea-Doo. Steer slowly away from the dock and head for open water. Once you’re a safe distance away, open up the throttle and go, go, go!


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