What To Look Out For When Purchasing A Jet Ski

What To Look Out For When Purchasing A Jet Ski

by Fran Bailey on June 24, 2015 Categories: News

Admit it, you’ve seen someone tearing through the waves at high speed with the sun on their back, while friends cheered them on, and you thought to yourself, “that’s what life’s about – I’m buying a jet ski tomorrow!”

A jet ski does not really need any form of advertising because it sells itself. It’s a sports car for water, cool and fast – you can’t go wrong with owning one. However, there are various factors to consider before you seal the deal. Of course you should own a jet ski, how else are you going to experience super speeds and perform awesome tricks while the water is hitting your face? Almost anyone can enjoy this ultimate action-packed vehicle. Ask yourself the following questions before you make your purchase.

Can I drive it?

It is simple to operate a jet ski but it takes some time to get used to it. Just because you drive a car or go-kart, does not mean you can operate a jet ski.

Chat to an expert or an experienced jet ski rider to make sure you know how to operate it properly before you purchase one and go crazy on your first outing – you risk damaging the jet ski and hurting yourself. Rather pay for some lessons first and do some practise runs so that by the time you purchase your jet ski, you can use it straight away without incident.

How often will I use it and where will I keep it?

Unless you spend your days lounging on an island, you’re not going to use your jet ski every day, but that does not mean you should not buy one. Many people think that they’re not going to use it enough so there is no point, but if you live within close proximity to the coast and enjoy a sunny warm climate for at least four months of the year, then you will benefit from owning a jet ski.

Ensure that in the off months you have a place to store it safely. Most people keep it in a garage or shed, which is sufficient to keep it from rusting or gathering dust and dirt.

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Do I know how to look after it?

Maintaining a jet ski is not as simple as getting the oil changed. The body of your new jet ski needs to be checked after every trip to ensure there was no damage that could exacerbate and make your next trip a disaster. Check for common issues such as leaks or rust, and clean it regularly.

While jet skis are built to last, various elements like salt water can eventually take its toll if you do not clean your jet ski and store it away properly.

What type should I get?

Like cars, jet skis have different models that perform at different power levels. They may all look the same from the shoreline but there is an extensive variety available. You need to consider if you will be the only one using it. If it’s a family jet ski, you may want to stay away from the luxury speedsters. You can drive with your kids at the back from the age of 7 or 8 years old, so if you want to do that, ensure the jet ski you choose is family friendly.

New or second hand?

This choice is entirely up to you. Think about what you can afford. Of course, if you’re leaning toward buying a second hand one, the obvious advice is to check its operating condition. Take a professional or jet ski aficionado with you when you view it.

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Should I seek professional advice?

The answer is simple – absolutely. A licensed professional knows what they’re doing and won’t sell you something that they wouldn’t be proud to put their name on. An expert jet ski supplier provides informed, educated advice on not only driving the jet ski, but also registering it, looking after it and everything else in between.

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