What You Need To Know About Fishing On Your Jet Ski

What You Need To Know About Fishing On Your Jet Ski

by Fran Bailey on February 08, 2021 Categories: News

Love fishing and love jet skis? We’ve got the perfect combination for you! Personal Watercraft (PWC) fishing, or jet ski fishing, is trending right now, and for a great reason. The new breed of fishing-specific jet skis offers not only a brilliant ride but have all the mod cons an avid fishing fan needs.

Using a jet ski to fish means you get the best of both worlds – great fish at the end of your line, and the adrenalin rush of riding the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean full throttle. And we have the perfect machine for you, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro. This jet ski is equipped for all fishing adventures, giving the rider a whole new fishing perspective.


Why use a jet ski for fishing?

Ok, let’s start with the practical reasons. A jet ski requires no crew (other than you!), launching is much easier than a boat, and the clean-up time is shorter.

With your fully-equipped Fish Pro, fishing becomes super-efficient. You can be out and back in an hour (with your freshly caught fish in the esky, ready for a BBQ later on). Even better, the Sea-Doo’s agility and speed reduce travel time to fishing locations, giving you more time to fish.

A jet ski offers access to waterways other boats can’t easily go. The turbulence and noise it generates while trawling is minimal, as the propeller (which is in a housing) and the exhaust are only a foot below the water’s surface. On a boat with an outboard motor, the propeller and exhaust are at least a metre below the water’s surface. This means fish are less likely to be scared off.


What equipment do you need to go fishing on a jet ski?

First off, you need to buy a jet ski! And we can’t go past the Sea-Doo Fish Pro as it is respected for its reliability, stability, and ease of use. Fit-out your jet ski with rod holders, storage units, or an icebox.

And don’t forget, the accessories can be easily removed when you and the family wish to use your jet ski for an exhilarating recreational ride.

Couple your jet ski with a trailer that can launch and retrieve in tidal areas with ease. Make sure the trailer is fitted with the appropriate winch and pivoting rollers.

To be prepared for a successful fishing trip on your Sea-Doo jet ski in Perth, you’ll need:

  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Soft bait
  • Slow jigs and trolling lures
  • Gaff
  • Kill-stick
  • Spearfishing stringer
  • A pair of protective shoes or booties
  • A lifejacket.

Choosing a rod is personal. Some experts recommend taking two or three rods out with you, other say just take one. Whatever you decide, keep you fishing access clear of tackle so you can manoeuvre without being obstructed.


Safety on your Sea-Doo jet ski

Government-required safety equipment for a jet ski when on smooth waters is a torch and capacity label.

Partially smooth waters require the addition of a V-sheet and flare kit. If you plan to venture further out from shore, more than two nautical miles from land, an EPIRB (406MHz) is compulsory.

Remember to always take your mobile phone containing the phone numbers of your local volunteer marine rescuers.

Going out at night? Navigation lights are essential.


Find fish with a Fish Finder and GPS

To help you find the catch of the day, we recommend you fit a Fish Finder with GPS. The Garmin ECHOMAP series are excellent, and the Sea-Doo Fish Pro comes equipped with the Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 62cv Fish Finder as standard. These fantastic devices are user-friendly, reliable, and come preloaded with Australia-specific mapping and details.


Tips for jet ski fishing

  • Jet skis need a minimum water depth of 3 feet for safe operation
  • Driving in shallow waters can damage your vessel
  • First time offshore on a jet ski? Go with an experienced jet skier
  • Check all GPS equipment is in good working order before you leave the shore
  • Get familiar with the waterways
  • Check the weather and water conditions
  • Once again, make it a habit to always wear a life jacket.


Why choose Friday’s for your jet ski in Perth?

At Friday’s we’re keen to see you catch the big one – you know, the one that’s out there waiting for you. Perth is an absolute dream to jet ski around. Whether you want to get out and enjoy some great fishing, snorkelling, or just zip up and down the shore, you’ll find your perfect spot around here.

Friday’s Jetski is one of Perth’s most trusted new and second-hand jet ski dealers, and we’re here to help you realise your jet skiing dreams! Give us a call or a visit with any questions you may have, and we offer great financing options so you can get out on the water asap! Even better, we’re open 7 days a week!

Come on down to the shop so we can show you everything that makes this jet ski the secret weapon in your fishing toolbox. Keep an eye on our website and like our Facebook page to stay up to date with us!