Now Is The Time To Grab A Quad Bike

Now Is The Time To Grab A Quad Bike

by Fran Bailey on August 27, 2019 Categories: News

Winter is coming….

But it’s going to be a lot more fun in Perth when it’s on a quad bike or in an ATV! Here at Friday’s we have just the toys you need to make that a reality for you.

Can-Am is a world leader in making awesome quads and ATVs, they are multi award-winning products from a multi award-winning company. So we are always stoked to show people the huge range we have available to the people of Perth. They are just the best bikes on the market, and we have a whole lot of them for sale.

The Outlander

Starting at just over $10k and in a massive array of configurations, the Outlander is the headliner of the Can-Am ATV range. Even the base model gives you 38hp from a 427cc engine over 300kg of weight, so you get a massive power to weight ration straight out of the gate. And to manage that power, you get Double-A arm suspension at the front and Torsional Trailing-Arm Independent at the rear, plus the huge treads of the Carlisle Trail Wolf Tyres, so you have supreme control over the beast inside, keeping you on (or off) your path as you wish. You also have the benefit of front and rear ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic piston calipers, and in duplicate on the front wheels, so you can stop as fast as the landscape changes.

And beyond the base model, you can increase your power, your comfort and your reach through the range of Outlander models we have available. If you’re not sure what you want, but you want to get out there, come and have a chat to us about the quad bikes for sale in our range. We want to get you on an ATV and getting dirty!

The Maverick

Want to take someone with you? No problem, the Maverick has got you covered. From $20k you can ride out with company, and still have a ton of fun in this agile and confident monster. The Maverick has a 875cc Rotax engine cranking out 75hp across 603kg, so you can still blast across the trails as fast and hard as you want. But for that extra cash you get a host of other features like intelligent throttle control, electronically controlled fuel injection, dynamic power steering, hill descent control, and a range of other driving modes to give you the best control of your driving experience. Plus the Maverick offers you the greater safety of a roll cage and doors, so you can keep your family safe in the wild. We have a great range of Maverick Models too, so you can add performance, safety and even two more people into the mix.

Commander, Defender, and more!

The Outlander and the Maverick are just two of the family. There are brothers, sister and cousins, so we can find you the perfect match. It’s a bit colder, but that means you don’t have to feel bad walking away from the beach and into the mud. Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go on your ATV or quad bike, however many features you want and however much power you think is necessary, we have got the vehicle for you to have fun without so much sun!

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