Ride to Rotto Recap

Ride to Rotto Recap

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

On March 10th, Friday’s Jetskis were granted a unique opportunity for 105 jetski enthusiasts to ride their jetskis over to Rottnest Island, 19km west of Fremantle for the 2018 Ride to Rotto.

The Ride to Rotto event was more than just a chance to jump on a jet ski; it was a chance to raise money and awareness for Motor Neuron Disease WA (MNDWA).

Under the Department of Transport regulations, all jetski’s must normally stay within five nautical miles from the mainland, unless they are within the limits of a port or within one mile of any island.

Especially for this event, Friday’s were granted permission to take the group of jetski enthusiasts all the way across to Rottnest Island – all for a good cause!

What is Motor Neuron Disease?

MNDWA define Motor Neuron Disease as a progressive neurological condition that attacks the motor neurons, more commonly known as nerves. This group of diseases degenerates’ neurons, particularly the ones that control the muscles that enable us to speak, swallow, breathe and move.

The condition affects people differently, with symptoms varying from slurring of speech to stumbling because of weakened leg muscles, and from muscle twitches to throat cramps.

Men, women, and children of all ages can be affected and at this stage, the cause of this degenerative disease is unknown.

More Than Just a Fundraising Event

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm – or in our case, gets their jet ski to Rottnest first! Our 105 riders met up at Woodman Point, and then split into their five groups; the first group set off at 6:30 am and the last group was not too far behind them.

The Ride to Rotto offered up exceptional views of the Indian Ocean and the West Australian coast, which are usually only seen from private boats or ferries making their way to or from the island.

Once the groups arrived at Rottnest, the riders devoured their well-deserved coffee, cake, and view, before they set back off for Woodman Point.

The first group arrived back to the mainland safe (and sore) at 10:30 am, with all the riders back by 11:00 am.

A Foundation Close to Our Hearts

On top of entry fees, Friday’s hosted raffles and Pot Luck Draws, and sold accessories, burgers and hot dogs to raise as much money as possible.

Thanks to the generous nature of our jetski riders, sponsors and local community, we raised $11,150 for Motor Neuron Disease.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the ride, dug deep and donated, as well as our volunteers who helped on the day.

How Can I Get Involved?

At Friday’s, we aren’t just a jetski dealership; we hold a lot of great events throughout the year that jetski riders from across Perth can get involved with.

  • We have a community monthly jetski ride the first Saturday of each month;
  • We also hold a large charity ride every year on the jetskis – like the Ride to Rotto for MNDWA;
  • We are also currently participating in the buggy racing for the cooler months.

So, what is stopping you from hopping on your jetski, getting involved and having fun at one of our events? Not only can you come to Fridays for a bit of socialising and a lot of fun, you can come to us with all your jet ski service and sales needs! Contact Perth’s ultimate power sports shop, Friday’s Jetski’s, and let us help you to find your perfect SeaDoo jetski today!