Seadoo Accessories for Sale in Perth

Seadoo Accessories for Sale in Perth

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

Besides bringing with you your jet ski and keys, there’s no other thing essential that you need except some things that can make riding more fun. People who love jet skiing are always looking for ways to have the best equipment possible to give them a satisfying PWC experience. Take a look at these Seadoo for sale jet ski equipment that any rider should have.

1. Life Jackets

Besides being required by law to have, life jackets are also important because they actually save lives. Having a life jacket worn when you’re out jet skiing can help keep you afloat in case you fall off your watercraft or get hurt. It is important that you have the right size of a life jacket at the ready because the wrong one can be dangerous. If you have guests coming over, make sure you have a variety of sizes available to keep each and every one of them safe when jet skiing.

2. Sea-Doo Covers

For riders who won’t be using their jet ski even just for a few days should have their equipment covered while in storage. Using a cover will keep water, sunlight and bird poop from harming your beloved craft. Jet skis that are faded are also not nice to resell, and faded fibreglass is easier to damage as well.

3. Safety Accessories

Every rider should have at least the minimum requirements on board their jet skis to make sure that they have the first line of defence in case things go wrong on the water. The safety accessories from Friday’s Jetskis provide EPIRB personal locator beacons, flares and fire extinguishers found in an all-in-one safety kit for easy transport and storage. Pliers, rope and a whistle should also be kept on board in case of emergencies. These items can be kept in a Dry Bag to be kept safe

4. Sea-Doo Dry Bags

If you’re going to bring a waterproof item on your jet ski, then the dry bag is definitely something you should have along. These items will let you keep your valuables sealed from the elements when jet skiing. There are times when you only have limited storage on your PWC so having at least one dry bag can be quite useful to store some of your jet ski accessories. Dry bags should include essential items such as a small towel, pliers or screwdriver for doing repairs, sunscreen and a flashlight.

5. Sea-Doo Anchors

For those planning to hang out on a cove, go fishing or explore underwater, then an anchor is quite important to have here. Keep in mind that not all types of anchors will fit most of the jet skis today, so you better make sure you have the right one before buying.

There are many different anchors available, depending where you ride and what you want to use it for. Including sand bags, twist anchors, and complete folding anchors. If you are not sure which Anchor is right for you the friendly Experts are more than happy to help you out. Come in store or contact us online today.

6. Sea-Doo Towing Equipment

Finally, you will be able to enjoy Perth’s rivers or beaches even more with some extra fun using the Seadoo towing equipment available today. You can purchase ski poles, ropes and air pumps and tubes to make your experience unique and memorable.

If you’re looking to buy accessories from Sea-Doo for sale in Perth right now, then there’s no better place than to find them at Friday’s Jetskis. Come check out our shop now and see what you can get to have the best riding experience!

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