Friday’s Monthly Jet Ski Ride Outs & Demo Days

Friday’s Monthly Jet Ski Ride Outs & Demo Days

by Fran Bailey on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

Ride Outs

We like to think we’re not just a jet ski dealership. We are jet ski fanatics who run a dealership, and we love connecting with other people who are on board. Jet skis are an absolute blast, whether you’re on your own or with other people. But enjoying the fun of a jet ski in the company of other jet ski fans can really turn exhilaration into a bonding experience. We love hanging out with fellow jet ski folks, so we run regular Ride outs in the summer, where any jet skier, whether or not they have bought from us, can come enjoy the fun together.

The benefit of a ride out is also not just social. You might also learn more about your jet ski and how to use it. You can learn from other people’s mistakes before you make them, and you can get the benefit of our years of experience with safety on the water with your jet ski.

In the summer we run ride outs once a month. We meet in the morning and head out for a ride together, and just have a great time tearing up the water. Feel free to join us!

Demo Days

We know the jet skis give you access to some of the best fun you can have on the water. It’s hard to even explain to people how it feels to be out on the water, just you, the wind and the whine of the engine. It’s exhilarating in a way that you can only understand by experiencing it.

And even if you have experienced it, you might not have experienced it in a while, or maybe you want to try a jet ski you’ve never tried before, or ride with someone more experienced so you can really get the full picture of what a jet ski can do in the right hands.

That’s why Friday’s Jet Skis runs demo days. We love to show our customers what we have to offer, what they can get for their money, and how to really get the most out of a great jet ski. We know it can be daunting to dip your toe into jet ski waters, not to mention it can be a lot of cash! So we really want to give you the chance to try before you buy. We know you will fall in love with it the minute you open that throttle!

Join Us!

Sound good? We think so! If you are interested in coming along for either a ride out or a demo day, keep an eye on our website, and like our facebook page. We post regular updates and call outs on future events, and we’d be thrilled to see you at our next ride!

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Let’s get ready to ride out! We want you to come out on the water with us, read about it here!