Winter Is The Perfect Time For An ATV Or Quad

Winter Is The Perfect Time For An ATV Or Quad

by Fran Bailey on July 09, 2018 Categories: News

The sun is setting earlier, the days are getting colder and the sun now tends to peak its head out from behind the clouds. Winter is here, and for many, it may mean their jetski is a little neglected for a few months.

But fear not! You don’t have to pack away the power sports all together. Winter and the cooler months present a great opportunity to head out quad biking instead.

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Keep Your Adrenaline Pumping

We all love the adrenaline rush that comes from riding a jet ski, but it can definitely get too cold to head out on the water. So, at Friday’s, we recommend changing up the terrains and going quad biking instead

Quad biking is the perfect alternative to jetski riding, with a new adventure waiting over every hill and around every turn.


Getting off the beaten track to go camping with your mates has never been easier! With a tent strapped to the back of your quad, you can set off on any terrain to find the best campsite.

Generally, there is no fire ban during winter, so you can set up a campfire as well. Check ahead of time on the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Emergency Map see if there is a fire ban in your area.

Better Riding Conditions

Just imagine, it’s 35 degrees during summer in Perth and you’re decked out head to toe in protective gear to take off on your quad bike. Your helmet is making your face sweat, your gloves are making your hands clammy and your protective gear feels like it weighs 10kg!

If the thought of that made you uncomfortable, you should stick to jetski’s in summer where you can cool down with a quick dip. Or, stick to riding quad bikes in winter where you can get a little wet and muddy in the puddles! Which brings us to our next point…

…Get Down and Dirty

While summer might be all about keeping your jetski pristine, enjoying the sun and the waves, winter and quad biking is all about getting muddy and having fun.

Tear around the trails on your bike, challenge yourself on different trails and enjoy the different terrain that the West Australian landscape offers!

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